The Ministry of Health is committed to provide a comprehensive Health care Service to all the victims of Accidents and emergency conditions, since it reflects quality of health care service in the country and the patients future depends on it.
Therefore these services should be provided by the competent health staff especially in the golden hour of the event. As to achieve these goals Ministry of Health has identified that treatment and care given at the first contact with health care services are curtail and lifesaving and the medical services unit of the Ministry of Health has decided to train all the front line staff who are handling accident & Emergences.

As an initial step the Ministry of Health with collaboration of professional Colleges of Sri Lanka will conduct the  PRE INTEN TRAINING ON ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY CARE SENARIOS.

All training will be held in the selected Institutions with on-Line Applying for each relevant specialty. No trainee will be accommodated without prior on line registration.

Download the notice by ministry of health – on 28/09/2017 -UPDATED

Download the notice by ministry of health – on 14/09/2017

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