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It gives us great pleasure welcome you to Medicos.lk. We are web based flat form sharing medical news, events, articles, research as well as updated notices and circulars by Ministry of Health with thousands of healthcare professionals Island wide.

Medical knowledge is updating every second with new medical researches. So it is vital that health care professionals had to be updated in new clinical ideas in order to provide quality health service to the public. In the mean of providing stage for above concept, we share popular medical researches, medical events/workshops and articles which are forward to us by users.

As you all aware that Sri Lankan doctors are endowed with ample amount of clinical skills and medical knowledge in practice. We invite them all to share their thoughts, knowledge and experiences in clinical practice with colleges island wide by publishing your valuable article with Medicos.lk. Our team is always waiting to share your non commercial article in Medicos.lk at free of cost.

We value your feedback and happy to assist you in any way possible. Please use the following email to forward your article, feedback or event/ workshop to our team. We will respond as soon as possible.

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